Warehouse Introduction

Topics: Commercial item transport and distribution, Supply chain management terms / Pages: 9 (2173 words) / Published: Oct 6th, 2012
Value adding roles of warehouse
Advantage and limitation in warehouse
Documentation in goods receiving

Add value in warehouse
Breaking bulk
-taking delivery of bulk consignment and issuing in smaller lots to customers or users
-more efficient matching of demand with supply
Creating Bulk
-goods that produce in different locations can be grouped together into large lots for economic shipment to the users
-accumulation and aggregation of these smaller supply quantities
Eg: milk, vegetables, latex and many other natural products are brought together in this way
-storage can enable material and components would be supplied to carry out production when needed
-store the finished goods until the customer needs them
-keep different products to allow users to select according to their preferences

The role of warehousing
1) transportation consolidation: -serve as a transportation consolidation facility -transport LTL into a warehouse→consolidate them into full loads→transport them out again -saving transportation costs

2) stockpiling(儲備物資)
-acts as a reservoir for production overflow -this function can take a variety of forms, including : -Seasonal production-level demand -Corn: harvested once a year while demand is fairly uniform throughout the yr -level production-seasonal demand
-Sunscreen: high demand for one season but low demand the rest of the year -manufactured throughout the year and warehoused to anticipate the peak season

3) product mixing -customers order a variety of products →W picks all the products ordered and transport them as one shipment -DC supplies each retail outlet with a customized mix of products -increase order filling and order delivery efficiency

4) facilitate production -assist production by receiving a product almost complete and then performing final subassembly based on local customer demand


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