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Safety in Warehouses
Warehouses, large or small, can be hazardous places. The following details highlight some of the risks that might exist in your warehouse and the steps you can take to prevent accidents. The list is by no means exhaustive and will vary according to the particular type of premises and operation. As a starting point, use the blank sheet provided in this pack and carry out your own simple risk assessment.

Main Types of Hazard
Storage and Racking Incorrectly stacked goods may fall injuring staff below. Overloading of shelves/racks may lead to collapse. Unsafe methods of stacking or retrieval of goods may lead to falls e.g. persons climbing on racking, being raised on the forks of lift trucks (FLTs) or using unsuitable ladders.

Managing the Risk
s Stack goods securely on shelves or racking, with the heaviest items at the bottom. s Ensure racking is capable of supporting the loads and is properly secured (e.g. bolted to the floor). s Ensure racking is properly maintained and is protected against mechanical damage from FLTs etc. s Regularly inspect pallets used for storage and remove damaged ones immediately. s Organise racking in aisles to allow for safe access to goods, movement of FLTs etc. s Train staff in safe methods of stacking and retrieval. s For manual access, provide proper safety ladders and inspect for damage regularly. s If using FLTs to access goods, ensure that goods are stacked and retrieved in pallets, or that a safety cage is provided for hand picking. Never allow anyone to stand on the forks of a FLT. s Consider the use of safety footwear and hard hats.

Vehicular Movement The movement of delivery vehicles and FLTs around warehouses accounts for a large proportion of accidents e.g. collision with people, collision with other vehicles and overturning of FLTs.

s Try to separate vehicles and people e.g. by using clearly marked, well planned, traffic routes both indoors and externally. s Devise one-way traffic systems....
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