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As a result of emergence of the internet and evolution of the different computer technologies, users of computer system have deployed wireless access points in airports, homes, offices, and schools in disregard of security risks of these devices. These gadgets enable wireless Internet access provision. On powering on computer fitted with a WLAN card, most of the wireless networks available will be apparent. Upon thorough examining the SSIDs you will be able to identify some of the agents. Computer users who have the comfort of wirelessly accessing the internet from almost anywhere are not keen in protecting themselves from internet threats. This paper will touch on the subject of war driving and give introduction to some tools for identifying wireless networks when on the road using a computer.


War driving is a coined up word that describes surveys. War driving involves people using their notebook computers or Pocket PCs that are equipped with wireless cards and GPS units and driving around a neighborhood searching for the presence of wireless networks -- just for the fun of it, or to assess the security risks of wireless networks. 2.1 War driving rig

It consists of hardware and software required for war driving 2.1.1 Computers
The basis of every war driving rig is a computer system. Most war drivers choose to use either a laptop or PDA since these devices are relatively light and portable and they may function on batteries if necessary. The minimum requirement is a computer with a wireless card.

2.1.2 Wireless Cards

Wireless cards allow communication between your computer and other computers. They are similar to a modem or an Ethernet card or a minus the wires. Most wireless cards are of the PCMCIA form factor. Wireless 'Cards' can also come in the form of USB adapters and dongles.

2.1.3 Antennas
Antennas are optional, but if you want to remain at a relatively safe distance or you simply...
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