War Power

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War Powers Essay

The constitution divides the war power between the congress and the President, in article I, section 8 the constitution says; ‘That congress shall have power …to declare war.’ and in article II, section 2 it says; ‘ The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of United States.’ The founders divided the power in my opinion for the reason that they don’t want to make the government to powerful. The founders also wanted to create dependency on Congress and the President. Both sides need to have an agreement about going to war. They created a balance of power giving congress the right to declare war and the President the power of chief of the US Military. If the President decides to go to war he needs congress’s approval it was designed for that very purpose so it could create an obstacle going to war. Congress can’t declare war without the US Military. The US military won’t go to war without receiving orders from their commander in Chief, which is the President of the United Stated. With the division of power both parts of congress and the President will analyze the situation before going to War, just for the fact that one depends on the other. My Opinion about the division of power written by our founding Fathers was a great decision. Because their vision created a government to come together that makes decisions and governs the nations together as one unified nation not as, congress and President.
The war power Act of 1974 was passed after the Vietnam War It puts restrictions on the President, power as an example if he wanted to send the Army to war without the congress consent. He has to inform the congress in 48 hours in advance and congress would need to approve the action within 60 days, if congress doesn’t approve the President decision to go to war, he would have 30 more days to withdraw the troops....
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