War Poetry

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English Wilfred Owen Speech

Good morning/afternoon, my name is ________ and I am here to discuss the question that, Composers have the power to engage the interest of their readers. I will be answering this question with several references to my chosen composer and well known poet, Wilfred Owen.

Wilfred Owen is a World War One poet, with many poems such as Dulce Et Decorum Est and Anthem for Doomed Youth, two very influential poems about different sides of the War. Owen was very skilled in his ability to engage the reader and to put across his point about his chosen subject.

In Dulce Et Decorum Est, Owen compares the realities of war with the old lie, how sweet and fitting it is too die, which was the view held by the English during World War One. . His criticism in this poem sends such a clear example of his opposition to patriotism, a stark contrast to other poems of the time. This poem recounts the vile experiences of the soldiers under a gas attack.

Through out this poem, the poet uses metaphors and similes to convey his message. These include, “like old beggars”, “coughing like hags” and “like a devils sick of sin”. This helps to provide a visual idea of what the war was like.

For Owen to put across his message he uses many techniques including irony, which is played in a big part of this poem. The title is ironic, and is in fact a quotation from the ancient roman poet, Horace. In translation, it reads, how sweet and fitting it is to die for ones country.

However, Owen see’s war as anything but beautiful or dignified in the way that death is dealt in battle. He explains that there is no cause which could deserve such attacks on the body and mind of soldiers, nor how they could be seen as sweet and decorous.

It is through this poem that Owen portrays his true feelings about the war and he does this through another technique, through onomatopoeia and visual words. Soldiers are often seen as proud, tall men. But in this poem, Owen...
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