War on Terrorism: How It Affects Us

Topics: United States, Iraq War, War on Terrorism Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Michael A. Radford
October 3, 2013

The War on Terrorism: How It Affects Us
We are at war with terrorism. Even though there are many people and corporations who are benefiting from it, the war on terrorism instantaneously impact the lives of many Americans because of its ability to create fear by hindering political and economical growth, devastating job marketing and corporate industries, and cultivating evolving governmental policies that make the most essential things in society very problematic like employment, traveling, or even security. As we all know, 9/11 is considered the most iconic event in modern history which stands as a symbolic commitment toward conquering the virtually endless war on terrorism. My personal experiences are a direct reflection on how the post-9/11 era has affected me in today’s society.

The War on Terrorism impacts the lives of many Americans because of the lack of control that we posses which potentially leads to anger, anxiety, or both. We often fear what we don’t understand and with that fear come economic chaos, unavoidable layoffs, political standoffs, and general feeling of being unsafe and unprotected without a timeline on when normality will to reveal itself again. Think about it…The United States is at war with terror. Not with an individual country, not with a specific terrorist organization, but with terror. So not only are we at war with every single terrorist and terrorist cell around the world, but every dime that funding it is borrowed from American taxpayers. Yes, terrorists are being reduced in numbers wherever the U.S. is focusing their attention. However, the United States is receiving more of a negative impact than a positive one here on American soil. Since the war on terrorism began, there have been over 6,500 casualties. It may seem like a small number compared to other historic wars, but the fact still remains the same and American families are still recovering from those...
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