War on Terror

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War on terrorism, is that right strategy?

Seong, Cho

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War on terrorism’ what is that

Budget on war on terror



Since September 11, the world has been changed. It did not a matter for just Americans, but also it became a matter to the world. American government announced a War on terrorism and its allies engaged in that plan. After 7 years, they still fight against terrorism but now we do not know what the war on terrorism and what that is for. Every single time when we watching TV, most victims are American or its allies’ soldier or citizen of Afghanistan or Iraq. Terrorists still are out of the surrounding area and they are planning another attack. I’ll look for the way of how we are going to plan for fight against terrorists and effectiveness of war on terror to explore whether it is working or not. And it needs to be defined why the world choose ‘war on terror’ option as a counterterrorism from several options. There have been huge incidents happened by terrorist but most of them were very small damaged to the public. They can choose another options such as hiring more police officers or spend more money on the analyze them. I will explore what impact ‘war on terrorism’ has brought to terrorist and us so that we can justify whether it is wrong or right decision to response to the terrorism. ‘War on terrorism’ what is that?

War on terrorism or war on terror seems have led by U.S government. After September 11, Bush administration has announced ‘war on terrorism’ to Al Qaeda and its supporting countries or organization. In this section we are going to look at what ‘war on terrorism’ is. Since U.S.A independence from the U.K, U.S has not been attacked by foreign country. We could find out similar issues with September 11 bombing from the history. ‘Pearl Harbor bombing’ Someone could claim that Pearl Harbor bombing however, it is not exactly invasion or bombing on American soil. I think we need to explore what September 11 has impacted to American and international politics first. Keller (2005) argued that “the attacks were not associated with any explicit demands, so it’s not clear what exactly the U.S. could do to appease the terrorists and take away their motivation for future attacks (p.60)”. Act of violence without certain reason can not be seen as terrorism if it is just to gain an attention from the public without reason it is just crime. Terrorism looks not much different with ordinary crime. Normally, people define terrorism as an act of violence to public with political reason. Keller (2005) defined terrorism is one whose primary purpose is to incite terror amongst the members of a particular community in order to achieve a political goal, and a terrorist is a person who performs such acts (p.58)”. Whatever act of violence have to have certain political reason if it does not have it we can not call it terrorism then, what does September 11 mean to the global society and American? How can one bombing to the 2 buildings change a lot? Does war on terror ever work? According to Keller “the war on terror is not literally a war on terror, because terror is a feeling and the war on terror is not a war on a feeling” (2005, p.55). There is obvious differences war between two and war on something. During the World War 2, Japan had a war on Korea but Korea did not have a war on Japan, so there was not war between Korea and Japan. It is not because Korea did not have a combat or battle with Japan, it is because it was not able to be seen as a war between two countries. However, there is a war between Japan and America in World War 2. They were having a war on each other. Keller (2005) has mentioned that “terrorism like poverty and Fascism and unlike German and Japan in World War 2, because it’s not the sort of thing that can, literally, wage a war (p.55)”. Why do people use a phrase war on...

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