War on Terror

Topics: Pakistan, United States, War on Terrorism Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Executive Summary
The growing tension in Pakistan is because of many reasons. One of the main reasons is its support to America on war against terrorism. This war on terror has made deep roots in Pakistan. America started its war in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan. American air basis, training camps, CIA agents, and black water troops started to expand in Pakistan. Mujahdin who were fighting in Afghanistan then targeted Pakistan for its support of America. All of this resulted to the present day situation of Pakistan. Pakistan is isolated from rest of the world, no relation with neighbors except China, earned the tag of failed state during the last decade. A solution to the present crisis is to detach itself from the war on terror and focus on the internal threats and start eliminating them one by one. Thesis Statement

American war on terror is destabilizing Pakistan.
Project Plan
First of all I am going to point out the main reasons for America’s so far defeat in Afghanistan with the help of my research. Fighting against soldiers in Afghanistan which American’s themselves created to give defeat to Soviet Union when they attacked Afghanistan. And now they are fighting against their own creation. As America is having full support of Pakistan in Afghanistan the Mujhaidin of Afghanistan started doing attacks in Pakistan. As a result of this Pakistan situation is getting worst day by day. Then I will elaborate what this War on terror has done to Pakistan. The government of Pakistan, Afghan President, officials of US has themselves admitted that the war on terror is affecting Pakistan the most. There have been 35000 deaths and injuries since the day Pakistan accepted to take part in this War on terror. There have been damages to Pakistan infrastructure of worth $68 billion. A popular belief now a day is that the war will be shifted from Afghanistan to Pakistan when in 2014 American forces will start leaving Afghanistan. American insurgencies...
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