War on Terror

Topics: United States, Middle East, Cold War Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Valerie Martinez
Dr. Allison
World Politics 20
October 16, 2011
War on Terror
September 11, 2001, already ten years ago but the events are as vivid as the day it occurred. I was eight years old, and a third grader not knowing anything that happened in the “outside” world. As a little girl I did not realize that the event that happened would change or lives forever. As the years progressed my fear of the terrorists grew. The so called “War on Terror” increased the fear of all Americans and propaganda grew day by day. Racism came back into the picture against all those who looked like a typical middle eastern, and accusations of terrorist attacks occurred against those who were innocent and naïve. Of course what we feared was another attack that could easily destroy our lives in a second. I always heard stories about the Cold War and Nazi Germany diminishing lives of innocent people without a feeling of regret. As a child fearing the worst, I felt as if the terrorists would destroy us with a nuclear bomb or even invade our country and put us all into concentration camps. Hearing the worst about people from the Middle East at such a young age puts fear in a child’s mind and seeing anyone who was obviously foreign or who just looked “weird” or “strange” was a terrorist in my mind. Once the United States invaded Afghanistan, propaganda really made an impact on the American culture, our patriotism grew side by side with our fears and I realized that something extreme had to happen to unite all Americans. At that moment I also learned that the very same government that granted us our freedom could be the enemy that uses force to take those rights from the weak. Throughout my childhood, I grew up with a negative view towards all of those people of middle eastern culture. After the events of September 11th, it was hard to believe that someone in the world had the capacity to kill millions of innocent people without a feeling of regret in their conscious. The...
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