War On Syria

Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Iraq War Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Anthony King
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Crisis In Syria: How Should It Be Handled?

The United States has been the world’s peace maker in recent history. America has many allies and friends that we back with funding and man power. The United States has always had a strong military, thus when things go bad, countries come crawling to America asking for help. The United States armed forces are spread all over the world protecting our allies from their enemies and potential threats. One of the problems for always being there to help is the fact that the government seems to forget and neglect the true issues that we have on our own soil.

America has many of its own issues including, but not limited to: Illegal Immigration, Economic turmoil, and congressional confusion. Congress sometimes seems to fail to come to a conclusion and focuses on their own political party rather than the nation that they represent. Voters in America want their elected officials to better their own nation, not dink around in other nations in a mission of finding world peace. The people of America want the issues at home taken care of first before the U.S. military steps its boots on more foreign ground.

In contrast, Americans also want to be protected from the fear of war and terrorism. As people of America want to remain neutral in the aspect of war, the nation must take action in order to reinforce the act of freedom in America. Syria has weapons of mass destruction, and they have vocalized that they will use them on the rebels of the Syrian nation. Syrian government has stated they will stop the rebels at all costs. Over 1,400 people died in the Syrian governmental attacks, 400 of which are just children. [nytimes.com] These statistics should not happen on their soil or ours. If Syria is willing to throw around warfare on its own people, there is no telling what exactly they are capable of doing. Syria used deadly chemicals such as sarin on its...
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