War on Drugs

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Heroin, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Drug-Wars Op-Ed
The war on drugs has failed throughout the world and countries globally have some sort of problem pertaining to narcotics and other drugs. The United States is on top of the list of countries for drug use and abuse of drugs. It got so terrible that forty years ago President at the time Richard Nixon declared the United States government's "War on Drugs," a campaign of prohibition and foreign military aid and military intervention. Having foreign countries participate in the "War On Drugs" gives the United States assistance to define and reduce the illegal drug trade. The problem is so immense globally that the United Nations held a Convention of Narcotic Drugs to try to combat the issue. With all the world's leaders discussing about the drug wars the problem still remains. The war on drugs cannot be won, it is a waste of time and costing our country millions of dollars and only to result in failure.

The United States faces a major problem with the drug war and their approach of criminalizing the use of drugs hasn't helped them fix the issue. President Richard Nixon declared the government's war on drugs forty years ago and all their efforts still amount to high drug usage and a dangerous drug trade. The United States policymakers assumed that a forceful law enforcement towards drug use would diminish the market for it. This was not the case of course because the large-scale drug market has grown vastly over the years through a rise in organized crime. For over forty years since the declaration of the war on drugs by President Nixon global efforts to curb the drug trade and punish drug users has failed and instead brought upon wide scale violence and organized crime. Having the use of drugs be illegal hurts our country. Each and every drug offender convicted has to go to prison where they are housed and fed at the expense of taxpayers. In the article Numbers Tell of Failure in Drug War written by Eduardo Porter (2012), he reports that "almost...

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