War of the Worlds Film Techniqes

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War of the Worlds

‘War of the Worlds' is a Sci-Fi Thriller. Extra-terrestrials have launched a global crusade on our planet and they wish to exterminate the human race and use the planet for their own sinister reasons. The director Steven Spielberg incorporates many film techniques in order to portray the drama of the story. Some of these techniques include costumes, lighting, and sound. All of these techniques add to the drama and help convey the story and the characters' identity to the viewer.

Costumes are used effectively to portray the different characters' identities and their development throughout the movie. Robbie is a typical teenager who wears dark clothes. This helps emphasise the aggressive nature towards Ray. His baseball cap is a major point that helps display the conflict between he and Ray, as Robbie has got a Boston team hat which is the rival team to New York, Ray's team. The cap also shows his fluctuating maturity at times. At one moment Robbie was being quite stupid and rebellious and his hat was turned backwards. But then in the next scene he is driving and helping Ray and at this moment he had his hat turned the right way. Having the hat turned different ways shows his development from a teenager to an adult. Rachael on the other hand had bright clothing. In one of the first scenes we see her with a fluffy rainbow coloured clothes. Wearing these clothes helps to show us that she is very fragile and innocent. As the movie progresses the clothes get dirtier and this symbolises that this innocence has been shattered. At the end of the film she is wearing a dark crimson jumper and by wearing this colour, it helps convey the trauma that she has been through. Also there is a connection between the changing landscape outside and the dramatic change of the once innocent and cute Rachael into a traumatised and terrified girl. By using all these different costume techniques it really emphasises the characters development throughout the film....
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