War Is Pointless

Topics: Iraq War, 2003 invasion of Iraq, Human Pages: 3 (1237 words) Published: June 7, 2009
War Is Pointless
Wouldn't it be horrific, to awake at dawn in your hajib, to hear those Air Force Jets scream past your neighbourhood? Wouldn't it be horrific, to smell the burning shrapnel detonated from those who have torn your country apart. Wouldn't it be horrific to think of the 99,700 human beings, including your friends and family, now a bunch of bodies piled high? Wouldn't it be horrific to look at fear on your sons' pain-stricken face, after his mother is one of five-hundred daily civilian casualties? Wouldn't it be horrific to hide under the table most of the day hidden? But you're never safe with the foreign soldiers raging down the streets abusing and creating conflict with everyone in their sight. Not safe with bombs shattering your eardrums and surrounding environment. Not safe with the foreign invaders killing civilian by civilian. Always contemplating whether you could be the next casualty. This is not how a human being should live life. Unfortunately, this is a truthful story from one of the many war torn countries on earth. Most of us realise what war is. But today I have come to you, to provide you with an insight into war and its devastating effects. War is a state open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations, it has evoked a loss of millions of lives over the past 200 years, and thus war is a pointless act of conflict. In recent times we have experienced the devastation of the death of our own Australian soldiers fighting an un-winnable war. Firstly, let me say that, death is the biggest and worst outcome of war. Over 203 million poor innocent souls have fought and died. But for what? What are the true outcomes of war? Absolutely nothing! It tears apart families. It kills innocent children. It creates world chaos and fear. But, is this huge loss of life necessary? These humans have died like animals, in a pointless conflict for no reason what so ever. In the modern days, countries fight over three main things such...
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