War Horse Paper

Topics: World War I, Film editing, Horse Pages: 4 (1296 words) Published: December 11, 2012
War Horse

August 14, 2012

War Horse
Overview/ Plot
Ted Narracott is seen in town bidding on a thoroughbred horse. He is supposed to be going to buy a plow horse. Ted bids a small amount of guineas for the hosrse but another gentleman is bidding Ted Narracott up and he ends up spending thirty guinea to purchase a horse. Ted and Roses son, Albert, tells his parents that he will train the horse. Albert names the horse Joey. Albert spends everyday trying to train Joey and he gets to the point where he finds ways that make Joey listen to him. Albert puts the harness on his neck and gets him out there to plow the field. Joey falls down and everyone thinks that he cannot do it, but soon it starts to rain and it softens up the earth. Albert sees this and then tells Joey to push forward some more, and the field gets plowed, much to the dismay of Lyons, who wants to the Ted Narracott and his family fail. Soon after, Ted Narracott sells Joey to the English cavalry for 30 guinea and uses that money to pay his rent to Lyons. Albert tries to enlist into the military but is not old enough. He ends up sneaking in the ranks and has on a English uniform and carrying a weapon before a count of the troops. Major Stewart is later seen riding Joey on an attack of the German soldiers, and during the attack the Germans surround Major Stewart and other English troops and end up stealing Joey along with other horses. A few English soldiers are dressed in German military uniforms and go steal Joey and another horse from a German camp. Joey, along with the other horse are next seen at a farm where an elderly grandfather and his granddaughter Emilie are taking care of the horses. Emilie is trying to train Joey how to jump and he doesn’t seem to take the lessons very well. German troops show up and tell the grandfather that they are there to get produce and drinks for German troops on the front lines. The Germans ask where the farms livestock...

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