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War Horse
In the novel “War Horse” there were two characters that had a special relationship with “Joey” the War Horse. Emilie was a young girl on a farm that was being raised by her grandfather. Fredrich was a solider that had been assigned to “Joey” as his keeper when he was not pulling heavy artillery for the Germans. Their relationships were just as different as their attitude about the war when it came to the War Horse.

Emilie was a young girl that had lost her parents due to the war. The war was a mystery to Emilie, because her grandfather wanted to make her feel safe and secure at their home on the farm. He felt as if the horror stories and turmoil would make her afraid and take her young years away from her. Emilie would hear sounds from inside the house over the mountainside. She asked her grandfather often about the noises that came from the mountainside and he would tell her not to worry they are not close, that is just the wind carrying sound from far away. The young girl was not afraid of what she did not know. She had been keeping the two horses in the stable outside, where they both worked together to tend to Joey and Topthorn. Emilie had a special interest in “Joey” and began to spend quality time with him, because she was lonely. Her mother used to ride and it made her feel good to teach “Joey”. She wanted him to leap and jump for her. It took her a little time with him and she had grown very close to “Joey” almost as a playmate and companion. As the Germans invaded them again, they now had seized the horses. Emilies grandfather stated, “Go and say your goodbyes, I will not have you weaken in front of them” (Morpurgo 85). Fredrich was a solider for the Germans. He was with the German soliders when they came back to seize both horses. The Captain of the soldier’s gave the horses to Fredrich to be their caretaker during the war and when they were not being used to pull heavy artillery. Fredrich felt from the beginning that “Joey”...

Cited: Morpurgo, Michael. War Horse. New York: Scholastic Inc., 1982.
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