War and Morality

Topics: World War II, War, Diplomacy Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: April 22, 2009
Through out the history of mankind we have been involved in many violent conflicts. War is considered one of the most violent of those. There are many debates on whether war is right or wrong but obviously in the world we live in it has been inevitable. There are many factors that may determine whether or whether not war is justified. Three reasons that somewhat justify war are: diplomacy must have taken place to try and solve the problem, it is in self defense, or the ones you are going to attack are a threatening force that has intentions of harming others.

Diplomats and government representatives in todays world are always pressing for reform that they see fit. Many times arguments arise between countries, from religious beliefs to trade policies, there is always something people will not see eye to eye on. Unfortunately, we have very influential government position holders all across the world that may inspire a country to attack another one. If you look at World War II you will see that when we embargoed trade with Japan, they did not attempt to contact us in a diplomatic way they automatically took up arms and attacked us at Pearl Harbor. Diplomacy is VERY important in preventing an outbreak of war and as responsible diplomats there should be an attempt to resolve a conflict or come to a reasonable agreement about the subject, but instead of taking time countries become inflamed in their rage and engage in acts of war against those who have not brought a smile to there face.

When a country is attacked they have the right to take up arms and defend themselves, not to roll over on their backs and hope the bullet misses their head. Self-defense is even upheld in a court of law as a legit reason for injuring or even killing someone and it is the same circumstance for a country. There is no good reason for anyone to allow another country to attack theirs without protecting themselves. “Religious” pacifist like to argue with the bible verse Matthew 5:39...
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