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War is necessary in human society
War, in the broadest sense, is a violent contact of distinct but similar entities (Wright 3-6). Different people may have very different opinions towards war. To some people, war is a plague which ought to be eliminated or a mistake which should be avoided; to others, it is an anachronism which no longer servers any purpose. However, there are some who take a more receptive attitude toward war and regard it as an instrument which may be useful, and a procedure which may be legitimate and appropriate, or a condition of existence for which one must be prepared. That is to say, war, to some extent, is very helpful and necessary for human society development. This essay will explain the reasons why war is necessary in human society. In the first part, the technology reasons will be mentioned and in the next part, the system reform reasons will be taken into consideration. In the end, an conclusion will be given about whether war is necessary in human society.

Technology development
War actually has been acting as the drivers of economic growth in the world though war itself may be harmful to the world. As people may know, to avoid a war or prepare for a war, the country needs to invest a lot in its technologies development, defense related research and procurement in the development of the aircraft, nuclear power, computer, semiconductor, internet and the space communication and earth observing industries (Ruttan 8). Once the war is over or does not happen, these investments in technologies will in most cases be put into people’s daily life, for example, the nuclear finally put into use of energy industry and so on. And it is usually these kinds of technologies which at first are aimed at military development but finally put into use in people’s daily life that enhance our living environment and society improvement.

It is the same with the Europe. People nowadays all know the truth that Europe has been...
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