Topics: Photovoltaics, Solar cell, Energy development Pages: 14 (2764 words) Published: May 13, 2012
1. Our Objectives:

➢ We care and value contribution of our employees, encourage positive learning, interactive work environment.

➢ Encouraging interests for plan, entrepreneurial spirit, open communication, to identify risk and make more innovation.

➢ Believe in continuous improvement and innovation in products and services through team effort.

➢ We have faith for providing highest standard of quality and to develop customer’s trust and satisfaction.

2. Vision Statement & Mission Statements

Vision Statement

“To become a market leader in terms of solar energy and to make solar an economical reliable energy source in Pakistan. “

Mission Statement

“To provide low cost environmentally friendly and innovative form of electrical energy in Pakistan.”

3. Keys to Success:
The keys to success in Pakistan Solar Cooperation are:
1. Offering items of a high quality-value solar products which are not available everywhere. 2. Reliable and timely deliveries. Islamabad Light House must make good on its delivery promises as the nature of doing business in Pakistan it requires long-range planning in scheduling orders, taking into account Pakistani holidays and business practices. 3. A reliable management that is ready to serve customers, prepares accurate billing, follow-up on orders and other documentation, and maintains a close watch on expenses and collection of accounts receivable. 4. Company profile

Business Ownership
There are five owners, who have joined hands together to share profit or loss for Light House in Islamabad Ltd. Each partner has equally contributed to set up such a business enterprise. One partner named Chaudhary Waqas Shabbir working as a sleeping partner

|Name of Owners |Contributed | |Majid Subhani |RS. 1200000 | |Waqas Shabbir |RS. (Sleeping partner ) | |Aisha Rehman |RS. 1200000 | |Momna Changez |RS. 1200000 | |Rabia Sajjad |RS. 1200000 |

4.1 Company Facilities

Company is offering the following products along with some services; • Solar Water Heating System (geezers)
• Solar Lighting System
• Solar panels
The engineers along with the agents are hired who will visit the customer place to install the equipments of solar purchased from us. The agent will go to customer place time to time for maintained check of product free of cost.. The company is offering one year warranty.

The delivery of solar products is fee from the charges.
Our entire team is well trained and courteous. They treat customer with care and attention to achieve pleasure in the services. 4.2Company Hierarchy

4.3 Office location
Office # 01,2nd floor, Naseem Arcade, I-9 Markaz Islamabad Pakistan

Office # +92 51 4102274, Mobile # 03075000579

Email: info@lighthouse.com.pk
5. Alternative Energy Comparisons
Pakistan’s energy infrastructure is not well developed, rather it is considered to be underdeveloped and poorly managed. Currently the country is facing severe energy crisis. Due to these reason there are alternative energies which can be used to reduce energy crisis but the major competitor of solar energy is wind energy it is less expensive than solar energy but Not environmental friendly. The recent innovations in plastic and nanocrystal solar cells which...
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