Want and Children S Mother

Topics: Want, Need, Sunday Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: October 22, 2013
When I was born, my mother raised me. Sometimes, my father let me do something. He is not concerned my studies. He said ‘when will you have a holiday? Where would you want to go?’ Everyone’s education is different. So, my mother is different from my father. She is very stern with me. She always gives me many classes. So in my primary school, I went to art class because my mother says girls should draw. And if I study poorly, my mother will let me go to some math class, physics class or other classes. Sometimes my teacher asks about my school life. But my father always said ‘Don’t worry about your homework. You can stay with your friends.’ He says studying is easy. He always takes me out to play when my mother goes working and on a holiday. So, I like my father more than my mother. For example, when I was in the primary school, once my exam results were bad. When I went home, my father was not at home. So I was afraid my mother came back. If my mother saw my results, she would be very angry. I already imagined she was angry, it was very scary. In the evening, my mother came back home. I was hiding in the room. Then my mother called me to go out to eat. She saw my report card when us ate and she suddenly stood up. She angry said “Why are your results so low, are you a fool? I warn you don’t want to go out to play!’. Then she used her hand to hit my head, it’s hurt. But my friend’s mother is not like this. She tells me her mother always said “Don’t worry, you can continue to study hard!”. Her mother always encouraged her. She does not use violence to solve the problem. So during that time, when I do wrong. I’m afraid for my mother to know, because I am afraid of what she might do. In the outside, if I do wrong things. My mother is very angry and she will scold me loudly. For example, that day my mother take me go restaurant eat. I accidentally put drink in my clothes. Then my mother scolded me loudly. She said ‘why you are so stupid, you are my child?’. That...
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