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wan design

WAN Design
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WAN Design
Company Overview
The plan bellow reflects the major processes involved in creating a WAN for Acme Manufacturing. The company’ six different buildings in six different locations require to be networked together. There is a need of communication between all the remote locations and the headquarters building. Two of the headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. Within these two building situated across the street from each other, one of them is the headquarters building and the other is the engineering building. Logical Network Setup and Locations Interconnection

A LAN setup with routers and Ethernet cables would be the choice. This is a reasonable option because the speeds of the network will be noticeably greater and accordingly will result in a lesser amount of cost. Other three locations are the distribution offices which are located in Chicago, Phoenix, and New York. Satellite communication would be the chosen type of connection to the headquarters building. The last department is the plant facility which is located in China. For this, building satellite as well will be used to communicate to the headquarters network. On a general note, all location should be interconnected which allows function flow between each other. This allows uncomplicated communication to be accomplished for particular needs, for orders and production. Additionally, it decreases inadequate communication which occurs in delivering messages. The network topology used for Acme’s WAN should be a star topology with each site having only a direct connection to headquarters; the benefit is that network administration is centralized. My proposed WAN topology for Acme Manufacturing is represented in figure one below. [pic]

Figure 1 - Proposed WAN Topology for Acme Manufacturing The company would benefit from the T1 type of leased lines. This is the type that...

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