Walton Arts Center Case Study

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Some of the key facts and issues presented in the Walton Arts Center case are that the WAC saw major turnarounds and key staff changes. Anita Scism was appointed as only the second President of the Walton Arts Center. She expressed excitement but was also weary of several challenges facing her. She stated, “The Board of Directors (the Center’s governing body) will be supportive in many ways, but I know that the primary responsibility for the Center is on my shoulders.” (Todd, 2002) Another issue that presented itself was the fact that the people in the region wanted more unique and interesting exhibits. Another key fact was that the former President, Bill Mitchell, had left the area for a different position in a different part of the country...

The retreat should be used to focus on developing a plan of attack and also developing teams that are intended to form plans for increasing contributions, endowments and sponsorships with new and existing donors for the Arts Center. The human resources team must be focused on the morale of the staff due to the economic downturn. The Art’s Center’s mission should include financial stability, employee and customer satisfaction and increase consumer interest in the Art Center’s exhibits (Lester, 2007) The Walton Arts Center should use a combination of external growth strategy by finding ways to entice existing donors to maintain or to up their donations and reach out to new sponsors or donors in smaller markets, and even overseas donors. A stability strategy may be needed until a true assessment of the economy is determined (Lester, 2007). It is clear that the Art’s Center needs a new strategy in order to keep up with the economic downturn.  The market, at this time in history, was calling for a recession.  The demand for the supply was down, however, the strategy needed to change and branch out to multiple donors and to reach out to different local sponsorships as well as sponsors from neighboring states.ReferencesLester, D. &. (2007). Organizational Theory: A Strategic Perspective. New York, NY: Savant Learning Systems.Todd, J. &. (2002). Walton Arts Center: Act 2. North American Case Research...
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