Walter Knott

Topics: Walter Knott, Knott's Berry Farm, Boysenberry Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Fermin Salcido
Professor Sheena Ely
Course Project Proposal
My Plan for Achieving Personal Success
in the Footsteps of my Role Model, Walter Knotts
I admire Walter Knotts, who was an unsuccessful Farmer until he nursed several abandoned berry plants back to health and became a successful Entrepreneur. As I complete my academic program, I intend to develop the success skills and abilities that will enable me to achieve my dreams of developing and managing a successful business. Walter Knotts is the perfect role model for me because for the fact that he started where most do, at the bottom and strived to make it and created a family business that was his dream. If I could have the ability to sit with Mr. Knott’s and ask him a few question, I believe I would ask him, what was the reasoning behind the concept of a “hybrid boysenberry? How did it come to the agreement of using Rudolph Boysen and him creating the Berry? And why did you want to set up a theme park? Walter Marvin Knott was a farmer who open Knott's Berry Farm amusement park in California and made jelly. He grew up in Pomona, California. The Knott family sold berries, preserves and pies from a Buena Park out by a roadside stand In 1934. Knott's wife Cordelia began serving fried chicken dinners and to entertain the crowds, Walter built a Ghost Town in 40’s, using buildings relocated from Old West towns. The Knott family fenced the farm and charged admission and it became an amusement park. Knott bought and rebuild a real silver mine in a ghost town in Calico, I tend to research the life of his family and the relationship he had with Rudolph Boysen and when he thought about adding a roller coaster
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