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When we hear the world Disney, what is the first thing that comes up in our minds? Most people think about Disney and relate it to magical, exciting and large attractions parks and hotels, and the famous Mickey Mouse. However, they missed to see how big and influential this organization really is. Walt Disney Company is one of the World largest communications organizations. Everyone knows Disney! It is everywhere in our lives, from TV, radio and movies, to parks, clothing, accessories and toys. Owning diverse media markets, Disney has build a tradition of culture and niche by efficiently managing its markets and products, allocating them among different cultures, age groups and preferences. A Little Bit of History

Walter Elias Disney founded the Walt Disney Company in 1923 as a dream to create a movie studio, which hosted short film comedies. Few years later, in 1928, the presentation of the company iconic character, Mickey Mouse, was a reality at the Colony Theater in New York. Immediately after this, Walt Disney won his first Academy Award and continued this trend for more than the following decade. His first business product consolidation started when a man offered the company $300.00 to earn the right to apply figures of Mickey Mouse to paper towels for school children. During the 1940s most of their main films were created, including Pinocchio, Snow White, Dumbo and others. In 1955, the first Disneyland park opened its doors to the public in California. Over the following decades the World Disney Company started growing until what we know today, an international powerhouse and media entertainment corporation. The company has four major business ventures: consumer products, media networks, studio entertainment and parks and resorts, which will be discussed in the next sections of this report. Today the company mission statement is “to be the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.” The Walt Disney Corporation has created an empire that is unmatchable in the entertainment industry in our days, an empire that is governed by a Mouse! The company continues striving for excellence and high quality production to keep up with the continuously changing world.

Walt Disney Company Industry Purpose
The most suitable classification for the Walt Disney main purpose is in the Media and Entertainment Industry also called the Movies and Entertainment Industry. It is hard to classify the company in a single industry because it is formed as a conglomerate with diversified business industries. The company main competitive theory statement is constructed of five parts: strategic alliances, vertical integration, creative content, corporate diversifications, and international agency. Let’s exemplify these five lines: Conglomeration: Walt Disney operates in three different fields, such as Media Networking, studio entertainment and Consumer Products. Globalization: Walt Disney Products and Services are found all over the world in different forms and areas, including parks, resorts, movies, books, clothes, toys...etc. Horizontal integration: Walt Disney owns many studio entertainment, consumer product companies, and media networks. These forms a horizontal integrated industry because all of them are part of the same business line and act together to increase efficiency. Vertical integration:  Walt Disney is formed by different business line sub-companies, allowing the organization to plan, produce, advertise, and distribute all of its products on its own, without looking for other companies services. Media synergy: Walt Disney Company bought Pixar Studios that allowed to make more advanced animation movies which are distributed through Buena Vista. Buyer and Seller Concentration: World Disney Company is in an Oligopoly Seller Concentration (along with others corporations), where there are few producers in the market and in which the product can be either...
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