Walt Disney

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The tradition to watching television cartoons is a child’s fantasy; a fantasy that was created hundreds of years ago from a man known as Walt Disney. Walt Disney was a famous artist and businessman who created the world of cartoons. Disney had a great passion in cartoons and children. He wanted children to have their imaginations lightened by magical characters that would inspire them. Disney, as a child, had once said, “Dad, I’m going to make the name Disney famous.” That is when his dreams came to place (Tiek 1). As a young boy in Chicago, Disney enjoyed drawing people and turning them into characters. Drawing was his cartoon television as a child. He would draw animals and made a little biography about them. Disney loved animals more than he loved people. His imagination in art made his childhood special (Josephson 85). He believed that imagination was the only thing a child needs in order to live an amazing childhood. Disney tried to inspire him and others with little characters he made up on the top of his head (Green 43). At age fifteen, World War I was just starting. Disney wanted to do something to help during the war. He wanted to drop out of high school and join the military for war. Unfortunately, his parents would not let him. Therefore, he started to drive Red Cross ambulances to help instead (Tiek 16). During the war, Disney drew and took pictures for his high school newspaper. His impressive art skills amazed many classmates, teachers, parents, and outsiders around the city. After graduation, he was accepted to the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He took major arts classes and many photography classes there. Walt Disney henceforth became a master artist and photographer, and a great news reporter (Tiek 8). Walt and Roy Disney were the brothers of business. After Walt Disney stopped classes at the academy, he and his brother, Roy Disney, began to work in a filming business. Before, Walt and Roy Disney always made tiny puppet shows with paper, sticks, and a little stand and red curtains. Walt Disney would draw the characters and glue them on sticks, while the other manages the stand. They both made good publicity to people of the city and were confident enough to start a business together. Walt Disney always looked up to his brother with sympathy. After they grown up, Walt Disney was the dreamer and artist, and Roy Disney was the financial wizard. The studio had many accomplishments over a short period of time. They were admired and were eventually a big role model for other filming businesses. Their partnership was unique in a way that they overrode everything they ever dreamed of (Thomas 1-4). Both brothers wanted the same thing for their business; inspiration. The Disney Brothers wanted to inspire children and make their childhood the most special time of their whole life. They wanted happiness to spread around the world from the moment the shows and movies came out. The brothers did not want children to live a childhood full of work; washing dishes, folding laundry, or help garden around the house. They wanted kids to use their imaginations to make the world seem less complicated (Josephson 22). There was a reason why people have imagination, so why should it be wasted; use it for the sake of happiness. Happiness is a part of life, and imagination is the key to it. It lights up in the eyes of children when they found something they understand as little ones (Green 202). As a start off in the nations programming Walt and Roy Disney made short animated cartoons. They were silent shows with anonymous characters with different yet unique personalities. Walt Disney’s creation of characters was a shock to the world. He drew a picture over and over with something a little different, and when he flipped through them, it looked like they were moving. That is how he created the characters in all of his shows. His artist, Lillian Bounds, worked together in the business for a couple months. They eventually got married...

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