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This research paper will discuss the life, times, and organization of Walt Disney. Disney is one of the most well known organizations in the world today. The Walt Disney Company is best known for providing their movies, games, and family-vacation-friendly theme parks. The Walt Disney company was started out as an animation studio in the 1920's. The company now proudly produces, not only movies, games and theme parks, but also their own television network, radio station, and Disney stores.

Walt Disney was born on December 15th, 1901. When he was only four years old, he moved to Missouri. There, he found his niche in drawing. As a young adult, Disney began his career in art, where he made advertisements for newspapers, magazines and movie theaters. Disney traveled to Los Angeles to be a film director. However, he was unsuccessful in making live-action films so he decided to continue his focus on animation instead.

The Walt Disney Company is a very successful company. Their legacy of animation began in the 1920's. To this day, Disney has had some resurgence with popularity during the golden age of animation with films such as Beauty and Beast and Aladdin. At the time, Disney animation was what everyone enjoyed the most and everyone was striving to see.

One of Walt Disney's most recognizable creations is Mickey Mouse. To this day, Mickey Mouse has become an icon to the Disney corporation. Mickey Mouse was first created in May of 1928 in the short film Plane Crazy. Over the years, Mickey has grown to become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world. Mickey was created to replace an earlier cartoon character in Disney called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Disney drew inspiration for Mickey Mouse from this pet mouse he used to have on a farm he had. Minnie Mouse was created the same time as Mickey. Minnie was made as a female companion in the early Disney cartoons, such as Plane Crazy.

In the 1920's, Walt widely expanded with his cartoons....

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