Walmart The high cost of Low Prices

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Walmart The high cost of Low Prices

Walmart, describes by their shareholders, is a big company with big liabilities, and the most important assets are: its clients (families with low income), its suppliers and associates (employees). The truth is that Walmart is not only a big company, also a monster that raze the economy of small shops comunities.

They pay miserable wages to their (associates) and do not provide any kind of health insurance, enrolling their employees to government programs.

The company is against any kind of union and harass their workers with surveillance systems, to intimidate and dissolve any form of strike or union. Force their employees to work off the clock, then these extra hours are erased from the records to avoid having to pay. The policies of the company are also discriminatory because women are not allowed to ascend to higher positions, like color people.

Walmart lies to receive government subsidies, affecting the local economy, the public budget, so it is common for schools to close and the loss of public servants like police or firefighters.

Walmart also pollutes the environment by disposing of pesticides and chemical residues in important water bodies.

Walmart además contamina el medio ambiente, al deshechar pesticidas y residuos químicos en cuerpos de agua importantes.

En países orientales se tienen condiciones paupérrimas e inhumanas de trabajo, sin descansos y con prestaciones y beneficios casi nulos. Walmart does not care about the safety of its customers once outside the store, as there is no safety system in parking lots, but inside, the security system is very complex, video surveillance and security guards are made responsible for ensuring that the store did not have missed for theft.

It must be emphasized that failure to follow any ethical code, the corporation affects the good economy of various countries.

Hay que resaltar que al no seguir ningún código ético, esta corporacion afecta la...
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