Walmart Financial statement Analysis

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The primary products(s) and/or services (s) of the corporation

Wal-Mart is one of the largest chains, which operates in three large segments: The Walmart U.S., the Walmart International, and the Sam’s Club. In this report we are focusing mainly on Walmart US. This latter is has a momentous presence in the retail industry, operating throughout the united states. “ The Walmart U.S segment includes the Company’s mass merchant concept under the Walmart or Wal-Mart brand, as well as” (Reuters, n.d)

Walmart offers various lines of products and services including the following:

Retail goods, which consists of a large variety of categories, namely electronics, home furnishing, sporting goods, baby products, and grocery items (Washington, n.d)

Photo Services: Walmart makes a photo lab available for customers inside the stores and online. They are provided the possibility to upload their photos via the company’s website, or drop them off for developing via a store kiosk (Washington, n.d)

Pharmacy: Walmart started pharmacy operations as of 2006. Since then, it has been providing customers with prescriptions, which they could pick-up in-store or be shipped by mail. Walmart has available a catalog of 300 generic medications for no more than four dollars in-store, and ten dollars for a 90-day supply (Washington, n.d)

Financial Services: Besides the aforementioned products and services, Walmart also provides its customers with a wide range of financial services, namely a non-annual-fee credit card, a debit card ready to obtain in-strore or online, money transfer service through MoneyGram, and check cashing and check printing. At Walmart, customers can also purchase money orders, gift cards, and pays bills (Washington, n.d)

Wireless Services: Last but not least, Walmart partnered with T-mobile only to give birth to The Walmart Family Talk Wireless, which is a service that provides customers with a family plan for unlimited

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