Walmart - Case Study

Topics: Retailing, Latin America, Americas Pages: 3 (1400 words) Published: November 3, 2014

MGMT 4319
Cross-Cultural Management
Walmarts Global Strategies
June 19th 2014
Today, Walmart International is a fast-growing part of Walmart’s overall operations despite all these challenges. Walmart has 4,081 stores and more than 664,000 associates in 14 countries outside the U.S. with high hopes that the company grows into becoming a global company instead of a domestic one with an international division. Walmart started its huge success when it became an international company that started after the opening of Sam’s Club near Mexico City in 1991. Except Walmart wasn’t satisfied with just that so it decided to expand and grow using its famous strategy of providing big boxed, low-priced products thinking it was the most successful strategy worldwide just like in the U.S. While Walmart continues to grow internationally, experts have constantly questioned the consumer’s perception and response about the company’s low-price model in these markets. If Walmart had it been a stand- alone company, it would have ranked among the top five global retailers with revenues of $405 billion for the fiscal year 2010. Walmarts worth is measured as much as the gross domestic product of Nigeria. The four members of the Walton family, which still owns a 40 percent controlling stake, are included in the list of America’s top 10 richest individuals. The company has a wide range of superstores in the U.S., neighborhood markets in Brazil, bodegas in Mexico, the ASDA supermarket chain in the U.K., and the Seiyu shops in Japan’s. Walmart now has over 4,081 stores and 664,00 associates in 14 countries worldwide. We can see how successful Walmart is now, but the world is so big and there are so many opportunities out there. Now, the question is, should Walmart keep expanding globally? Should they keep using the same strategies or should they change them? This report will explain Walmarts past global expansion strategies, the success and the failures, and a few...

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