Walmart Case Study

Topics: Wal-Mart, Sam Walton, S. Robson Walton Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: June 1, 2014
Case Analysis Sample (BA 385) – TWO PAGE LIMIT

Brenda Eichelberger –9/25/11 (name, date)
Case 1 - “The Main Street Merchant of Doom” (case, title)

Problem/Issue Analysis: (one point –BOLD conflict question and a couple of sentences) This case details the history and social responsibility issues of Wal-Mart. It discusses Sam Walton and his responses to criticisms as well as his determination to be a successful. The central issue of this case is : Why are there such conflicting perceptions of Wal-Mart? Some people see Wal-Mart as an example of “social responsibility” and one of the most admired corporations in America, while others see it as an unattractive homogenizing factor and a “Merchant of Doom” that should not be allowed to set up shop in small towns.

Stakeholders & Stakes: (two points)
Stakeholder group
Specific Stakeholder (2+)
Stake (gain/loss)
Govt.(local, state, fed)
1. Gov. Bill Clinton
2. China
3. Steam Boat Springs, CO

1. + reputation
2. + supplier to WalMart
3. – community identity
1. 1 M Associates
2. Sam Walton, CEO
3. Brenda Lockhart
1. + job
2. – legacy
3. + job (WalMart spokes person)
1. 100M+ shoppers per week
2. Consumers of local merchants
1. + low prices
2. – selection , choice, support of locals
1. The Walton Family
2. WalMart Shareholders
3. Board of Directors of WalMart
1. – Reputation, money
2. -/+ Dividends and Growth
3. – Reputation
1. Sears, Target, Kmart
2. Al Norton, comm.. activitist
1. – Market share to Wal Mart
2. + fame, website income
Recommendations Model (page #, statement, application to case, LONG TERM implication using this week’s assigned reading relating it to the case and then adding pros and con): (two points)

Chapter 1, Figure 1-4 pg. 16, “Societal Expectations have continued to increase more rapidly then business’ actual performance in addressing social problems.” Wal-Mart is the most successful retailer in the...
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