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Walmart is the world’s largest retailer with more than 8,400 stores globally and is now considering going green. Walmart moves massive amounts of products and uses a lot of other resources to operate its business and now they are trying to transform itself into a company that is seen as environmental friendly. The first step of Walmarts three-phase plan was receiving information from its 100,000 suppliers about their greenhouse gas emissions, water waste reduction efforts and other details about business practices. The second step of the phase was entering all the information into a database. The last phase of the plan was merging all the received information into an easily understood universal rating system.

This isn’t the companies first attempt towards being green. The most difficult part of walmarts previous environmental initiatives was persuading its suppliers to spend the time and money tracking and lessening their environmental impact, although Walmart did not forced the participation of their suppliers, Walmart made it clear that it was interested in doing business only with suplliers who had the same goal (being more environmental friendly). Wal-Mart is now collaborating with with different kind of organizations. These organizations will advise Walmart and its suplliers in going green Question 1

What do you think of Walmart’s green initiatives? Will it ever be able to achieve the reputation of being environmentally friendly? As being globally known company, Wall-Mart should act in such ways and organizing such campaigns which must be in favor of its customers. The reputation and the good name of the company should be kept by initiatives such as this to go green and become environmentally friendly. It is a great decision as Wall-Mart has more than 8400 stores globally and uses massive amounts of power and resources to operate its business. So people know that this cause serious damage to the environment, especially that Wall-Mart is the...
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