Wall Street Journal Article Summary

Topics: Sleep, Circadian rhythm / Pages: 2 (444 words) / Published: Mar 15th, 2014
Dr. Suderman
September 27, 2013
Wall Street Journal Article Summary It is becoming more and more evident to Major companies that sleep is a necessity that often gets swept under the rug. They are noticing more and more that lack of sleep is a major hamper on your performance in the workplace. Getting a good nights’ sleep is more beneficial than finding ways to work better on less sleep. Companies have to send their employees home early to help them sleep more to keep up with their productivity. Mr. Maas from Cornell University, a psychologist, talks about how we are not keeping ourselves healthy by getting a good nights’ sleep and that it is one of the more important functions for our body. He performs at conferences to talk about sleep deprivation and he sees a lot of stigma about sleeping is for sissies and loafers. The stereotypes for sleeping are that working later gets you the promotion and sleeping is for lazy people. In reality, the person who gets more sleep usually is the one who is performing better. Procter and Gamble is considering pilot programs for new lighting for companies who have employees working odd hours of the day to help with melatonin production to promote sleep. A Canadian company, Litebook Company Ltd., is producing lights to help regulate melatonin levels. They use them for athletes experiencing jet lag and odd game schedules.

My Response to the Wall Street Journal Article Ironically as I am typing this I am already feeling tired. I work three jobs and I have online classes. So, when I read this article it struck very close to home. I always had felt tired working a lot of hours and also doing school. It was odd, however, to see how many people also fit this bill. Knowing that companies are actually concerned about the safety of their employees and are worried about their lack of sleep is comforting to know. I did not expect most of the larger companies to even glance at such an issue, but it is a relief to know that

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