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Writing Center Tutoring Session
I visited the writing center on Thursday, March 8 at 1 P.M. for a 25 minute session. The tutor that helped me was Jordan Tao. She helped me revise and then gave me feedback on my profile essay. First she asked me what the few problems that I have are. I told her I need to see if everything is correct and flow together. I also wanted to expand it so it can meet the guidelines. The main focus of the session was to help me to develop my essay and also to see if everything connects back to the main topic. She also made me go deep and make my readers fully Mike Mcgarvin.
We started off with reading the profile essay out loud alternating paragraphs with her starting first. After the first paragraph was completed she gave me feedback and also asked if I had any questions. It was my turn to read the second paragraph and then we did the same thing as first paragraph. After that Jordan said that she wants to read the whole profile eassy to me because that was something that she figured out got me going in the right direction. I thought that was really helpful how she knew what was more helpful for me and she was right about that because when someone else read to me I start to put an image in my head of what they are reading. She said I am giving an clear understanding who is was helping and how. Another thing that was helpful is that how she was really friendly and because of that I’m not scared to go back in the writing center. We also did a five minute question break at the end and there we came up with some of the questions I could ask Mike Mcgarvin. After we read the first paragraph she pointed to the “Poverello House” in the first sentence and said I needed to give...
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