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Table of Contents
Introduction to the Company3
Description of the company4
Description of Database and Application Design7
Implementing to MS ACCESS:9
Referential Integrity:9
Query and Report:10
Database Application Utilization:11
Database Administration Issues11

Introduction to the Company

These days walk in clinics and hospitals, are under strong pressures from several fronts these days. Many of these are because of a strong need for a more comprehensive range of health services, the increasing complexity of identifiable disease and treatment patterns and the fact that more people today than ever before are demanding high-quality medical care. This act was a great challenge to the modern clinics which are dependent for its day-to-day operation on an accurate, rapid and efficient information flow. The solution is to develop an integrated clinical database to help meet the information processing needs of the clinic in an optimal way. A major problem was the lack of an appropriate clinic database design methodology which was the issue we faced initially as we were working on a hypothetical company, but we had in our minds what are the common walk-in clinic issues these days and how would our group want the database to be designed and implemented if we were running the walk-in clinic.

By definition a walk in clinic is “A facility, often associated with a hospital or medical school that is devoted to the diagnosis and care of outpatients”. There are no appointments needed unless assigned by the doctor on a prior visit according to the patient’s medical needs. The effectiveness of databases derives from one single, comprehensive database much of the information relevant to a variety of organizational purposes may be obtained. In a health care organization the database may be used by walk in clinic for patient care recording, for monitoring of patient status, and for treatment advice; it can also be used by researchers in assessing the effectiveness of clinical procedures and drugs. The fact that data are shared promotes consistency.

The database we are developing can be defined as a computer-based communications and data processing system which receives, transmits, stores, processes and displays information relevant to the needs of the clinic; that is, information on patient management and patient administration, as well as organizational information concerning the management and running of the clinic and information concerning laboratory and the schedule of employees. Description of the company

The walk in clinic receives numerous patients a day with different requirements depending on their health needs. As the walk in clinic is open to serve all patients who walk in through the entrance, the need for a database management system becomes dire. The principal goal of the clinic’s database system can be defined as an information system which acts as the timely delivery of relevant needed information to the appropriate users in order to improve medical care. We identified the objectives of the our database as follows (a) Maintenance of clinically relevant, readily accessible medical data for each patient; (b) Satisfaction of the necessary administrative data for each patient; (c) Satisfaction of the communication needs of the hospital between different departments such as laboratory, administration and doctors information in terms of speed, accuracy and efficiency; Problems

Difficulties in keeping a track of patients.
Unauthorized Access
Confidentiality of patient data.
Duplication of records
Decentralized control of the system.
Difficulty keeping a track of employees.
Services and laboratory tests rendered to patients.
Appointments cannot be managed systematically.
Updating existing data.

A DBMS would help the clinic in numerous ways ranging from...
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