Walden Two

Topics: B. F. Skinner, Character, Utopia Pages: 4 (959 words) Published: January 23, 2002
Book Title: Walden Two
Author: B.F. Skinner
Pages: 301


A. Time: mid 1940's (after the end of WWII)

B. Place: Walden Two, R.D. I, Canton

C. Detailed description of the opening scene:

Rogers and Steve just returning from war, and looking for a new beginning read an article on a man named Frazier who was planning to begin an experimental utopian society. They immediately become intrigued by the idea. Their interest brought them to the office of Professor Burris, one their former teachers to ask if he knew anything about Frazier, or about the new society Frazier is trying to build. Burris remembers Frazier as a classmate at his graduate school; he recalls his extremist ideas and his dislike for the institution. He also recalls discussions the two had shared about this "Utopian society." Reluctantly Burris agrees to contact Frazier, and sends him a letter. Immediately and enthusiastically he replies inviting Burris' and his friends to visit the new community he has developed. Burris meets with the two men to inform them of the invitation, and agrees to take time off, to accompany Rogers and Steve on a visit to "Walden Two," Frazier's community. Rodger's girlfriend Barbara, Steve's girlfriend Mary, and Burris's colleague Castle also accompany them on the visit.

II. THEME: a one-sentence statement of the theme of your novel

Walden Two was Skinner's attempt to portray what would occur if behaviorism were used to curve our society, he depicted a solution to the problems of modern life that involved a new beginning, an flee from our

current society, and a dismissal of our political and economic solutions.

III. CHARACTERS: Write a one or two sentence description of each major character.

A. Main Character:

Professor Burris is a professor of psychology, the central character of the novel, and the man through whose eyes we view the many aspects of Walden Two. He is very intelligent, and initially...
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