Walden Goal Statement

Topics: Education, Academic degree, Teacher Pages: 5 (1767 words) Published: October 2, 2010
Tamika Kelly September 2010-start date
Walden University Goal Statement

Program: Doctor of Education Specialization: Teacher Leadership

Personal/Professional Goals
Pursuing something new is fun and exciting, especially if the pursuit positively impacts someone else. I am grateful for the opportunity to re-enter grad school, this time at the doctorate level, to realize a dream that I’ve had since the beginning of my teaching career. My goal is to be sharp, skilled, creative and effective as a teacher and leader so that I can significantly influence the organization and overall culture of my school, other teachers, students, and the community. A necessary attribute of a great teacher should be the desire to seek ways to improve learning for all children. I am committed to learning and developing the knowledge and skills that a great leader needs to make a difference in education. I believe all students can have academic success. Prior to actually stepping foot into the classroom, I was not prepared to deal with the kinds of real problems that many of my students were facing. Problems such as abuse, neglect, hunger, out-all-night mothers, and jailed fathers were and still are common for many of them. When I found that many of these children performed below expectations in their academic classes, I eagerly began to try to find ways to assist. As a music educator, I began teaching and composing songs and chants to help motivate students to do their best and make big dreams, regardless of social issues that affect them. I began to collaborate with their home room teachers to incorporate the areas that needed reinforcement into my music program. Students are given opportunities to sing, play various instruments, dance, act, make up their own lyrics and music, notate their own rhythms, and work together in teams—all while learning the different concepts and skills introduced in their other classes. Seeing their smile and enthusiasm when they finally learn a concept or pass a test continues to influence me to become the best teacher I can be. Graduate study at Walden is the next reasonable step towards accomplishing my goal. Through online research I learned that the University offers a doctoral degree program that is completely aligned with my vision. I enjoy being a music educator. I want to be a leader in my field. I’d love to one day start my own music school that reinforces positive character and the academic subjects. I seek the Doctor of Education degree with a specialization in Teacher Leadership.

Academic Experience
Auburn University is where I chose to begin my college career. When I began, I had not fully considered what I wanted to do. I THOUGHT that I knew, but I didn’t. I really liked to sing and play music, but I also knew that I wanted to help people. As a young child, I wanted to be a doctor—specifically, a pediatrician. I had open-heart surgery when I was only 2 years old and ever since I could remember, wanted to help others—like my surgeon. However, a passion for music had also been ingrained in me from an early age. To make a very long story short, I gave in to the love for music and purposed that I would help others through it. In the spring of 1998, I completed my coursework at Auburn University, earning the bachelor’s degree in music. Experiencing Auburn was great, but my focus was scattered because of various interests. The xylophone was a favorite instrument in music class. Basketball and bowling were my favorite physical education classes. I learned how to read an EKG in a nursing class. I got a chance to explore various...
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