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Topics: Logic, Switch statement, Critical thinking Pages: 3 (641 words) Published: July 20, 2013
Jhobelle L. Castillo
Bstm 3a

Simple non-inferential passage
A simple non-inferential passage is a type of nonargument characterized by the lack of a claim that anything is being proved. Simple non-inferential passages include warnings, pieces of advice, statements of belief or opinion, loosely associated statements, and reports. Simple non-inferential passages are nonarguments because while the statements involved may be premises, conclusions or both, the statements do not serve to infer a conclusion or support one another. This is distinct from a logical fallacy, which indicates an error in reasoning. a. Warnings

A warning is a type of simple non-inferential passage that serves to alert a person to any sort of potential danger. This can be as simple as a road sign indicating falling rock or a janitorial sign indicating a wet, slippery floor. b. Piece of advice

A piece of advice is a type of simple non-inferential passage that recommends some future action or course of conduct. A mechanic recommending regular oil changes or a doctor recommending that a patient refrain from smoking are examples of pieces of advice. c. Statements of belief or opinion

A statement of belief or opinion is a type of simple non-inferential passage containing an expression of belief or opinion lacking an inferential claim. In A concise introduction to logic, Hurley uses the following example to illustrate: We believe that our company must develop and produce outstanding products that will perform a great servcie or fulfill a need for our customers. We believe that our business must be run at an adequate profit and that the services and products we offer must be better than those offered by competitors d. Loosely associated statements

A loosely associated statement is a type of simple non-inferential passage wherein statements about a general subject are juxtaposed but make no inferential claim. As a rhetorical device, loosely associated statements may be intended by...
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