Wal-Mart Update Summary

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Wal-Mart reigned as the world's largest company as it boosted net sales nearly $420 billion in the early of 2011. It managed more than 8400 stores in 14 countris and also employed 2 million people around the world. Wal-Mart had ventured into e-commerce, online classified services, auto and tire maintenance, vacation planning and financial services in order to add some offering. In order to search of new growth opportunity, it tried pursuing different strategies. But it went down and Wal-Mart refocus on ' Every Day Low Prices' again. They announced plans to open new smaller stores in urban markets like Chicago.

Wal-Mart's Priorities

Wal-Mart's have some store formats and merchandising strategies where the first one is discount stores. In 2011, the chain operated around 700 discount stores. It then being replaced with 'supercenters' since the 1990s. Next one is Sam's Club which is a member only warehouse store. It increased to 609 numbers in 2011. As Wal-Marts entered the 2000s, they faced a critical question on how to differentiate the store formats. One concept was to push for more Neighbourhood Markets which offered limited drugs and merchandise.

It's recovery was short-lived where the price-concious consumers still weary of the fragile U.S economy wondered whether Wal- Mart really offered the lowest prices. In 2009, Mike Duke the CEO launched a different approach to reverse the decline in sales. Urban markets became a new target with the introduction of Wal-Mart Express stores. They also viewed e-commerce as a big opportunity. Walmart.com wanted to capitalize on the fastest growing retail segment in U.S since it rising it's online retail sale by 10%. Wal-Mart also continued its long-standing emphasis on gaining efficiencies through human resources management and adopting new technologies for inventory management and scheduling.

International Operations

International stores generated 26% of Wal-Mart's net sales. Wal-Mart joint venture with Cifra,

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