Wal-Mart Marketing Strategy

Topics: John D. Rockefeller, Rockefeller family, Standard Oil Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: November 30, 2012
In the first class in Intensive in American Business, we discussed the reading assignment John D. Rockefeller and the Modern Corporation in Forbes. During the discussion, the professor mentioned Wal-Mart, a well-known retailer that owns large supply chain as The Standard Oil Company did to achieve its success. Being the largest retailer in the world, however, Wal-Mart may be relatively unfamiliar to students like me from Taiwan since it does not land here even though it planned to do so. In fact, it was actually my trip to China several years ago that makes my first reach with Wal-Mart. And after the class, I started to wonder, with the outstanding supply chain system, how and why could Wal-Mart stop its step developing in Taiwan? Does this fact mean that a nearly wonderful supply chain doesn’t mean everything in market? So, does this also show that maybe under certain circumstances, Rockefeller and his company cannot accomplish such success? Save Money. Live Better.

Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, owns a huge supply chain as The Standard Oil Company did, which enables Wal-Mart to provide the cheapest products to its customers and makes its success. As The Standard Oil Company broaden its supply chain by from setting up barrel-making operation to controlling transportation problems including terminal warehouses and pipeline networks, Wal-Mart combines the supply chain from transporting and delivering to ordering and purchasing, which largely reduce the logistics costs and allow Wal-Mart to supply customers with the best price. To be more specific, for example, when linking up the suppliers, Wal-Mart provides them a system that can be directly entered by suppliers so as to realize the selling situation, predict the demanding amount of products, and decide the producing amount. In this supplying chain, Wal-Mart ought to make the whole supplying chain a very smooth, fluent, and steady one to save much money. Dedication to Charity

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