Wal-Mart: Individual Differences, Values & Diversity

Topics: Wal-Mart, Sam Walton, F. W. Woolworth Company Pages: 4 (1135 words) Published: November 2, 2013
Wal-Mart: Individual Differences, Values and Diversity
Wal-Mart was started by Sam Walton in the year 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. After five, years, this store was able to operate as 24 stores. In 1969, Wal-Mart operated as an incorporated company; Wal-Mart Stores Inc. From 1970s this company experienced a substantial economic growth. A huge expansion through the opening of a home office in Bentonville, Arkansas and a gigantic center was started off by Wal-Mart in 1971. The 1970s decade saw a turnover increase of about 1500 associates, the number employees, and sales worth $44.2 million. During this decade, this corporation made a lot of sales over the counter. In 1975, amazing sales worth $ 340.3 million were made by this corporation and by this time it has expanded its associates to 7500 and had 125 operational stores. Wal-Mart acquired the Hutcheson Shoe Company in a massive turnover in the year 1977 and introduced the Wal-Mart pharmacy. By the end of this decade, Wal-Mart had become America’s giant retail industry, and it had acquired a turnover of more than $1.248 billion in sales and 21, 000 associates in the 276 stores. Wal-Mart transformed into a large global retail chain in the 1980 and 1990 decades. The operations of this corporation also grew both in size and in terms of monetary earnings. By the end of 1980s decade, Wal-Mart was operating in massive chain stores numbered 1, 402 and 123 Sam’s clubs generating sales more than $26 billion. This corporation changed the world and up to date more than 2.1 direct employees and associates are employed by this company. Wal-Mart stores, therefore, serve more than 176 worldwide consumers annually (Lichtenstein, 2011). Wal-Mart, therefore, has since maintained values and management to sustain the growth and success of this corporation. This essay is an exploration of the relationship between commerce and culture whereby individual differences, values and diversity pertaining to Warlmart...
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