Wal-Mart Goes Global

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Wal-Mart Goes Global

1. Global strategies they use
2. Trade theories they may use
3. History of the company
4. How and why they operate globally
5. Investment environments
6. Some relevant countries they participate in foreign exchange rates. 7. Their strategies and structures in the global marketplace.

Wal-Mart Stores’ Global strategies:
Wal-Mart’s Global strategies related events that position the company to leverage its global scale to reduce costs of goods, accelerate speed to market, and improve the quality of products. Wal-Mart's global sourcing strategy involves the creation of Global Merchandising Centers, a change in leadership and structure, and a strategic alliance with Li & Fung, a global sourcing organization. Important elements in the company's strategy to deliver even greater value to its customers and shareholders. Walmart consolidate a global sourcing structure centered around new Global Merchandising Centers (GMCs) at its annual meeting for the investment community in October. This new structure is expected to leverage the company's global scale in both general merchandise categories and global food sourcing. The core of the company's overall global sourcing strategy will be to continue increasing direct sourcing for the company's private brands. Today, private brand merchandise represents more than $100 billion in purchasing annually. Wal-Mart’s new strategy and structure should drive significant savings across the supply chain. Ed Kolodzieski, currently president and CEO of Walmart Japan Holdings G.K. and Seiyu, has been promoted to executive vice president and will lead Walmart's Global Sourcing. Kolodzieski will report to Castro-Wright. As part of this new strategy, Walmart also finalized a series of agreements with Li & Fung. The agreements are non-exclusive and do not include volume or shipment commitments. The strategic alliance between the two companies will allow Walmart to realize the benefits of consolidating a portion of its sourcing portfolio. Li & Fung, which is forming a new company to manage the Walmart account, is expected to build capacity that would enable it to act as a buying agent for goods valued around US$2 billion within the first year. "In addition, Wal-Mart is redefining how to source products that are imported into Wal-Mart retail markets around the globe," Castro-Wright said. "By realigning our resources, leveraging our scale, and restructuring our relationship with suppliers, Wal-Mart will enable our businesses around the world to offer even more competitive pricing on merchandise and to provide our customers a clear and compelling assortment of better quality products at lower prices." Global Sustainability

As Wal-Mart laid the foundation for the Next Generation Walmart, sustainability will continue to be embedded into our culture. During the March milestone meeting we will celebrate our success in this area – highlighting how our suppliers, NGO partners and associates around the world, have made great strides. We will also feature global discussions around the My Sustainability Plan (MSP) associate engagement initiative. Source: http://www.walmartstores.com/Sustainability/7951.aspx Wal-Mart’s Trade Theories:

Moving into suppliers and global trade, Wal-mart has had a great impact in these two aspects for outsourcing and trying to reduce costs. This has enhance global trade, transforming from a world of separated states and national sovereignty to an integrated international community, in other words a global market. Wal-mart has made it possible to explore different forms of deals with its suppliers and their are bringing a greater variety of products into the market. Although it has had a positive effect on the global market, I think it should try to focus on active more social responsible and treating their employees more efficiently. Being one of the most wealthiest companies, they should show other companies how to treat...
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