Wal-Mart Comparison

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Wal-Mart Essay Comparison
These essays that talk about Wal-Mart and how the company is ran are, “The Case for Wal-Mart”, and also “Down and Out in Discount America”, both of these essays have their own points of view on how Wal-Mart operates as a company and how it treats the employees and customers. One essay feels that Wal-Mart is a good thing for the economy while the other feels that it is a bad thing.

The first essay, “The Case for Wal-Mart”, says that there are many accusations against Wal-Mart. They state that they don’t pay the workers in other countries enough money. They also state that they do not pay their part time workers any benefits. The essay does state that they give jobs to people that should not be able to have a job because of their disabilities and no other place would hire them, so Wal-Mart is a perfect job for them. It is stated that Wal-Mart does not sell some items that they don’t find family friendly, but people can choose what they want to buy and what they don’t want to buy.

In “The Case for Wal-Mart”, it talks about how Wal-Mart employees are paid low wages compared to a lot of other jobs and careers. They say that Wal-Mart is the employer that hires people that haven’t had college and aren’t as educated as people that work at other places. They state that the union organizers’ inability to unionize the company make it even worse but at the same time it gives the people with less of an education a job. It says that it destroys small towns because they buy property in rural areas and open up to people so that they have access to convenient shopping and can get products at unbeatable prices.

The essay says that Wal-Mart is a unique target for its bigness. It states that Americans like to attack bigness and that there are things that American’s don’t like, such as clout and domination. The thing that Wal-Mart does is sell merchandise that are priced too low. It makes consumers buy products there rather than at the other local...
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