Wal-Mart’s Destruction

Topics: Small business, Wal-Mart, Business Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: April 3, 2013
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Wal-Mart’s Destruction

Many large corporations has bribed millions of customers into their enterprises with the mind state of cheap goods. Little do the customers know, the quality of the products is terrible. Wal-Mart being the biggest incorporation in the United States has destroyed many local businesses and communities across the nation. Surprisingly thrown in local towns, selling low priced items, patronizing the eyes of the consumers with low quality products. Founder, Sam Walton first named the once small business “Wal-Mart Discount Store”, which was located in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962. As time went along, the small company was officially corporates as “Wal-Mart Store Inc.” on the scariest day of every year, Oct, 31 1969. When 1970 hit Wal-Mart was then marked a massive amount of growth at the beginning stage of the business. Currently operating 1,309 stores in 10 countries, ranking as the largest retailer worldwide including Mexico and Canada, earning $245 billion in sales last year, Wal-Mart is a success when it comes to taking money from businesses and residency. Wal-Mart has wide range of items for the communities placed in, being a very diverse business filled with everyday use items, costing from little to nothing, the wealth of the company has millions concerned. Rival incorporations like K-Mart or Target sell many name brand products and annual sales still aren’t as high as Wal-Mart. Were Wal-Mart purchases cheap goods from distributors and sell them for cheap, which brings in more consumers than any other large corporation nationwide. For example, since April 2009, Wal-Mart Redesigned, repackaged and replaced its shelves with “Great Value” Products (Food Co.), which are basically a clone of all name brand products sold for a cheaper price. This product has an estimate of $10 billion in sales, but also has some unflattering feedback. A former customer disapproves the removal of McCormick products and replacement with Great Value...
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