Waiting in the Line at the Drug Store !!!!

Topics: Albert Einstein, Physics, Photon Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: October 18, 2010
In the article “Waiting in Line at the Drugstore” the narrators says that how one can utilize an unpleasant circumstance to his benefit. The narrator describes his story how he was treated in the drugstore. And how he utilizes is time by reading books while waiting in the line and how it proved to be beneficial to him in his future. He expresses his story in order to inspire people. The narrator through his writing wants to convey that people should know how to utilize their opportunity.

I have seen many people, who most of the times take the opportunity provided for them. And have succeeded in their life. I also had the same opportunity in my high school. There was science exhibition in my school. Many students had participated in the exhibition. I had the opportunity to participate in the exhibition. First I was not going to participate in the science exhibition. As one member was not feeling well I had to take part in the science exhibition. This exhibition proved a great help to me to select my major. The project was based on the “Intermediate Fuel” i.e. it shows how we can utilize the waste products to convert into high energy fuel. This project was based on the principle of conservation of energy. We had applied various principles and this principle helped me to develop interest in the field of science. And I was able to choose a right major. This also gave me an opportunity to meet new people and friends, which proved a great help to me to improve my speaking ability in front of new people. So this opportunity proved a turning point in my life.

Another example which conveys narrators point is that of Albert Einstein. He was introduced to Max Talmud who introduced young Einstein to key texts in science, mathematics, and philosophy. This opportunity helped Einstein to develop interest in the field of science. Due to which today he is known for his photoelectric effect, modern physics and many other theories in physics. His opportunity to meet Max...
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