Waiting for Godot: Integral Role of Dependency Essay

Topics: Waiting for Godot, Lucky, Estragon Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Integral Role of Dependency

Humans are collectivist animals. Meaning, humans must constantly seek each other for assistance and comfort in order to carry on their everyday lives. However, because dependence is one of many crucial basic needs, it has found its spot only in people’s deepest, unconscious memories. However, in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, the writer utilizes his primary characters in order to emphasize the integral role of dependence in relationships; he ultimately proposes that humans must depend on each other for them to socially thrive. The general relationship between Pozzo and Lucky is that of a master and a slave. Throughout the passage, Pozzo does not seem to treat Lucky with careful respect or consideration. However, it does not strike as shocking because it perfectly fits the stereotypical relationship between a master and a slave. While Pozzo does seem to somehow take pleasure in his position, it soon becomes evident that the relationship between Lucky and Pozzo is rather interconnected and more “involved” than a mere relationship between a master and his slave. To add to that, Pozzo does not call Lucky by his name. Instead, he frequently calls him “pig”. The word “pig” generally carries a negative connotation as pigs are commonly viewed as disgraceful animals. Such a reference reveals Pozzo’s cruel, apathetic attitude toward a more “inferior” being. Although Pozzo seems to be the ruling figure in this relationship, he is actually the one dependent on Lucky. By taking full control over this individual, he fulfills his thirst for control and power. Because he cannot readily control himself, he tries to find an alternative to this option. Thus, Lucky is Pozzo’s way of achieving the stage of self-actualization, and Pozzo is genuinely “lucky” to have Lucky beside him. In this excerpt, Vladimir and Estragon tend to repeat each other as if they are unable to formulate ideas on their own. Moreover, by having them repeat the same words...
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