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Wait Staff Proposal
The working class citizens in the United States may endure wage problems, but it has always been slightly tougher for those in service industry. On average, a wait-staff associate will make $2.13 an hour and difference is earned by the tips received throughout the shift. Do you think this is how other countries pay their staff? Should we work so hard at being polite and courteous to a customer just to turn a one dollar tip into a two dollar tip, or do these gestures even make a difference. We could just be respectful and polite because it the right thing to do like as the Japanese citizens.

As some restaurants employees make good money on tips, the normal is 18-20% for exceptional service, sometimes it’s greater than 25% on rare occasions, but if it happens to be horrible service you may only be tipped 15% or in some cases nothing at all. And as we have commonly thought your tip is a direct reflection of the attitude you give customers. However this has found to be inherently false, a study done by Michael Lynn, a professor at Cornell's school of Hotel Management says tips are arbitrary, it is commonly the blonde, thin, voluptuous, Caucasian women who regardless of their polite professional manner bring home the greatest tips. How would this make you feel? If you were a hard-working ‘man’ who regardless of skill, as it does take skill to be a good waiter/waitress, is always going to be tipped less when a beautiful blond with pure ignorance and intentional arrogance is working along-side them.

A common practice is to give someone who brings you your food 15-20% of whatever the check is. For instance if your bill came to $100, in-turn you would leave $15.00-20.00 in gratuity. This is logical and seemingly reasonable, but actually an arbitrary percentage. Following this rule, that would mean that we give a bigger tip to a server who brought us, say, a $30.00 New...
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