Wai Kru Day

Topics: Virtue, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: September 18, 2010
Wai Kru Day

Wai Kru Day is an important day for students which the students pay respect to teachers. The teachers are like second family. They are advising everything. Besides, they teach students to be good people and virtue. The ceremony was on Thursday in June. There are many things about arrangement for Wai Kru Day. I realized on three stages: preparation for ceremony, activity between ceremony, Wai Kru ceremony.

There are lots of preparations for ceremony to be perfect. There are decorating Phan (traditional Thai pedestalled trays) for embellishing flowers. Moreover, every student has a bunch of flowers for their teachers. There are many flowers in a bunch which each kind of flowers have meaning. Eggplant flowers stand for respect and humility. Dok Khem stands for intelligence. The students will be brainy and witted. Bermuda grass stands for obedience and perseverance. In addition, the students put three incense sticks and a candle in the bunch in order to show the respect to the teachers. Moreover, there is an altar table for paying homage the Three Gems. Those things became to be ceremony perfect.

There are many activities in ceremony. There are award scholarships for students who have good grade. Besides, there are performances about Thai dancing and speechifying about teacher’s amazing grace. It makes proud of students.

Wai Kru is a sacred ceremony that it has playing Thai musical instruments. Everyone is clam. Then there is paying homage to Buddha image. The students made a speech about Wai Kru poem for teachers. Then Thai musical start to play which feel ceremony holy. The representatives of each class walk from outside to the auditorium in order to respect the teachers. After that the senior teachers deliver speech for students. It express that the teachers have kindness for us all the time.

Wai Kru day is a good day for respecting the teachers. We can respect the teachers every day because teachers were teaching students to be...
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