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The use of audible traffic lights at pedestrian crossing is to assist the vision less and disabled persons across any intersections. When reaching a pedestrian crossing, and knowing which direction to cross, the visionless and disabled persons must then know when to begin their crossing after hearing the audible traffic light’s signal sound. Since the traffic lights and the audible device are wired in parallel, as soon as the traffic light changed its color, the audible device will sound depending on the traffic light signal. It is important for the audible traffic light to be loud enough to be heard by the disabled persons over the traffic noise, and to have a different sound that is easy to distinguish.

Placing parallel audible traffic lights on each side of the road can also be used to enhance even more guidance to the vision less. The device are designed to emit a distinct sounds continuously during the GO or WALK phase of the traffic light cycle and emit no sound during the STOP or steady DON'T WALK phases.

However, these audible traffic signals do not necessarily guarantee safety, fast, and accurate crossing of intersections because they are only functionally limited to informing the pedestrian when it is already safe to walk.

Background of the study
In past few years, the establishment of audible traffic lights has been one of the plans which our government has not been given any attention. For those who are unfamiliar or new with the concept, an audible traffic light is a road signal which has a buzzer, siren, bell or bird call, the aim of the project is to let a vision less or disabled person at the same time those who are not aware know when to cross an intersection. The logic of this project is that because mobility of impaired persons is much slower compared to the ordinary person when crossing the street, it results to reason that disabled and vision less persons need audible signals at the intersections to act as their guide and help them to improve their mobility. Of course, one might ask, what is wrong with listening to the flow of traffic? What happens if the audible street signal malfunctions? What if a car doesn't stop for the red light? The purpose of audible traffic light is for the independent disabled and vision less travelers and to those persons who believe in the capacity of disabled persons to travel independently.

Statement of the Problem
The researchers’ main function is to design “Audible Traffic Lights” using signal sounds and lights to guide the pedestrians from crossing the street. The siren sounds will be used as a sound signal to the system to alert the pedestrian from crossing the street and beacon lights as signal to people when to stop and cross the street. Specifically, it sought to answer the following questions:

1. What specific signal sound should be used to alert the pedestrian from crossing the street? 2. What is suitable sound decibel will be used to be able to hear the signal sound clearly over the traffic noise? 3. Are these sound signal strength does not affect a person's hearing ability? 4. Are the materials being used economical and locally available? 5. What are the benefits of having audible sounds installed in traffic lights?

Objectives of the Study
The objective of the study was to learn if audible traffic light can help visionless and disabled persons and unaware pedestrians to cross streets more safely.

General Objective
The general objective of this study is to help visionless pedestrians and disabled persons to cross a street more safely and confidently. This Audible Traffic Light can tell the said beneficiaries so they can begin crossing the street without delay and finish it without panic.

Specific Objective
To learn more about the prevalence and method used and what can this device...
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