Wage Gap

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20 November 2013
The Wage Gap Between Men & Women
The wage gap between males and females in the United States is an example of discrimination and sexism, and it should be changed so that both genders can come home with an equal salary every year that is directly proportional to their labor. Even though it is true that high-paying jobs aren’t always available, even in the lower class, the pay for each gender isn’t equal. The wage gap, initially, should be eradicated in all of the economic classes. Education is, and always has been, a defining factor in social status. Whether or not someone received a high school diploma or graduated college determines how high-paying their future job is going to be, or even whether someone will be able to support a family or not. This relates to different genders as well, even though it differentiates between the two sexes. It’s just common knowledge that in today’s time, women outnumber men in American colleges (in attendance) (Francis). Quite a few news outlets have also reported that women in their 20s, right out of college, are earning more of a salary than their male equivalents in large cities (Trunk). Women have shown in several instances that their wisdom has proven to be helpful, and that they are in most cases, more educated than men, but in the real world, their wisdom is not put to their full potential. An example of this is that the most educated league of women continue to grow only in the fields of teaching and nursing, while men with similar education become business executives, scientists, doctors, or lawyers, jobs that obviously pay a noticeable amount more (Fitzpatrick). In the United States, for every female graduating from a four-year college, there were 1.6 males that also graduated in 1960. In 2003, however, those numbers flipped: for there were 1.35 females for every male that graduated (Francis). Women have dramatically improved in their educational status over the past...

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