Wage and Railroad Rockefeller

Topics: Wage, Wealth, Business magnate Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: May 6, 2006
The new wave of industrialism has been pushed by a few great men known as industrialistswhos number one priority is wealth. Although these men have done great things there is some confusion on the how these men should be potrayed. Some feel that the powerful industrialists of the new age should be referred to as Robber Barons calling them relentless and cruel businessmen who would stop at nothing to make money. They are accused of exploiting workers and forcing horrible working conditions upon the working class. Others see the industrialist as Captains of Industry. They recognize these men as ingenious and industrious leaders who boosted economy with their business skills. They are praised for their skills as well as their generousity. Starting out with nothing, Rockefeller was able to build himself up to become the biggest industrial innovator of his time. Rockefeller found that the oil refining business was highly disorganized. Fortune was being made and lost overnight as the price of oil fluctuated. He thought the reason for this was from competition of thousands of other small producers and small refiners. Rockefeller had a vision of combination and order in his oil industry. Rockefeller's business strategy is based on growth and domination of the industry which does two things, creates stable jobs and lowers the cost. Not only has John given insight to the business world, he has given much of his wealth away to charities and people in need. Rockefeller is one of the reasons why America is the powerhouse of the world, and his great lead will show us the way for years to come.

John Rockefeller is a Robber Baron! Making his fortune off of the backs of hardworking individuals he will stop at nothing to make his fortune grow even larger. With low wages and poor working conditions for his workers, Rockefeller is stealing from Americans. Not only does he treat his workers like dirt, he will stop at nothing to squash out competition. Lowering his prices to steal...
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