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Car insurance, motor vehicle insurance, referred to as auto insurance is the insurance of a commercial motor vehicle liability due to personal injury or property damage caused by natural disasters or accidents negative. Car insurance is a property and casualty insurance, in the field of property insurance, car insurance is a relatively young insurance, car insurance is associated with the emergence and popularity of the automobile and development. At the same time, the modern motor vehicle insurance, in the early days of the automobile insurance based on the risk of automobile third party liability insurance-based insurance and gradually extended to the loss of body collision. Classification of car insurance

Auto insurance types can be classified according to the nature of compulsory insurance and commercial insurance. Auto insurance types under the protection of areas of responsibility can be divided into basic insurance and additional insurance. The basic insurance including third party liability, loss of vehicle the insurance; policyholders can choose the insurance part of insurance, and all types of insurance can also choose to insure. Additional risks including car pilfer (pilfer), vehicle liability insurance (driver liability insurance and passenger liability insurance), glass separate the risk of breakage, spontaneous loss of insurance, strict liability insurance, car cargo drop liability insurance, vehicle stop driving the risk of loss, new equipment damage insurance, excluding special insurance deductible. Separate glass breakage, spontaneous loss of insurance, additional equipment damage insurance, the additional risk of body damage insurance must be insured vehicle damage insurance to insure these additional risks. Vehicle liability insurance, no-fault liability insurance, car cargo drop liability insurance, third party liability insurance, additional insurance must be insured to the third party liability insurance to insure these additional risks; risks Excluding deductible is insured independently. Traffic compulsory insurance (that is commonly referred to compulsory traffic accident liability insurance) is a generalized third party liability insurance, is the national compulsory purchase insurance, motor vehicle must be purchased to be able to be driven on the road, the annual inspection, listing, and third party losses occurred requires claims must pay for that high insurance then pay for other types of insurance. Commercial insurance non-mandatory purchase of insurance, the owner can be carried out according to the actual situation. All vehicles Daoqiang Insurance

Responsible for compensation insurance vehicle theft, robbery, snatch resulting in a total loss of the vehicle, as well as the meantime loss caused by damage to the vehicle or car parts, ancillary equipment lost. The actual value of the vehicle (vehicle lost from your insurance company to the policy convention prevail) 80% of the compensation. Insured missing car keys, you can only get 75% of the compensation. Car insurance skills

Vehicle insurance amount to be determined according to 新车购置价. Loss of vehicle insurance amount, can be determined according to the value or the actual value of the insured when the new car. But pay attention to the amount of insurance shall not exceed the value of the vehicle, because part of more than invalid. Vehicle liability insurance, the insured when the insured based on the use of a seat or a few seats, if more than two, four-seat all insurance more affordable. Third, third party liability insurance 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, 1,000,000 and other grades, in general, insuring 20-50 million more appropriate. Spontaneous combustion risk Payout loss of the vehicle due to the oil circuit or circuits reasons caused by spontaneous combustion. Summer is the season for car ignition, plus the best cast of a spontaneous combustion risk, so be prepared. Five, the Dao Qiang Insurance and Car damage...
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